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WordPress 5.5 “Eckstine” Review

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WordPress continues to evolve!

WordPress 5.5, named “Eckstine,” was released yesterday, August 11. There are a few good features included in this update that I would say are typical such as security improvements. However, there are two significant upgrades that are worth talking about: an option to set plugins to update automatically, and an in-page marketplace for blocks! The automatic plugin update option will certainly save me time, and avoid any security issue with plugins left to run in old versions. The more exciting update is the addition of an in-page marketplace for blocks!

I have been waiting for more options!

You see, WordPress blocks organize website content for a single page or post. Blocks are pieced together to create beautiful content, that can be interactive, if desired. WordPress 5.5 allows designers to now choose block styles within a sidebar marketplace from within the page design! This is significant for me because I can now easily find and test more options on-the-spot.

A Push in the WordPress Community

WordPress is open source software, and it is a BIG project! There is an international community sharing, collaborating, and improving the world of WordPress – all the time. To learn more, please read about the mission of WordPress.

With the release of WordPress 5.5, I believe there is already a push in the developer community for more block options that I can use to enrich my websites. I hope the developer community is abuzz, scurrying to create new, fancy blocks that lead to more free options. Not only that, this push may lead to more opportunity for designers like me to buy into premium block products that I like and trust. By the way, I already buy into a few, but I love having good choices! I’ll be looking for some new block content options to make my websites have a richer, more interactive experience.

I have become a big fan of WordPress. I love designing and organizing content for websites and I hope you’ll consider a solution by YourFront Image LLC for your next project.

And, by the way, I’ll be working the next few days to update all my websites to WordPress 5.5!



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